Secure Payment

As an outlet of Capital Steel Ltd we have over the years lead the field of cold rolled steel buildings, in terms of the technology we use to help design the best building for you that is safe strong and secure helped by our structural engineers and the University of Strathclyde.

We now have taken our commercial partnerships beyond the engineering and design software to the area of finance. For too long we have all heard the stories about large deposits for goods and services and then you receive nothing or not receiving what you expected - “rogue traders” -  who have taken advantage of their customers and offered what we, and many others believe to be a below-par service.

If a service is solely operated on credit it only requires one link in the supply chain to fall down and the entire service fails, often resulting in heartache for the end customer. We strongly believe that this should not be the case and Lincolnshire Steel Buildings is unique in not only recognising this issue but proactively working with a major financial institution to pioneer a solution to these modern challenges.

At Lincolnshire Steel Buildings, we believe that this is a trend that we are reversing, by ensuring that everyone is made aware of the differences between other companies and our superior, exemplary services. Capital Steel Ltd operates a no credit policy within our entire supply chain. With this in mind, Lincolnshire Steel Buildings & Capital Steel Ltd, in conjunction with SIG Trading Ltd, is proud to offer our participation in the Bonded Order Scheme, administered by the Natwest Bank.

We are happy to enter into a Bonded Order. This is a legally binding agreement whereby the customer can lodge funds with the Natwest Bank in a secured account and a bond is issued by the Natwest Bonds and Guarantees Dept direct to you. Those funds will not be released until your bespoke building arrives and it is the Bank’s responsibility to retain these funds and only release them to Lincolnshire Steel when the Bond expires. Only then will all Suppliers invoices and fees be settled and the balance returned to the Distributor. No more worrying over the security of your payment!

Best Building, Best design and now with even more peace of mind with Lincolnshire Steel Capital Steel Ltd & SIG Trading Ltd Bonded Order.

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